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Manakeep 728x90
Read this page carefully and thoroughly before registering for Canyon Racers Cup.
Canyon Racers Cup is a competition held in Cup Mode, with groups of 8 racers facing off in a solo format. The start of the cup will be Saturday 24th January. The length of the cup will depend on numbers.

Unlike other competitions, Canyon Racers Cup has a cash prize pool of $110usd.

--- Registration Rules ---

    • Each racer must register before, Monday 19th January 2015.
    • Every racer must register to CRC website, and supply their email & ManiaPlanet login.
    • The official language is English, on the website, forums and in all official servers.
    • When you accept to join the competition, you also accept the rules, the maps, and every admins decisions.

--- Before the Match ---

    • The first groups announcement will be made on Tuesday 20th January 2015. These groups will only apply to round 1!
    • Before every round a news post will be made, with each groups dedicated server and time. You will need to make yourself present on the correct server. You will be kicked if you're in the wrong one.
    • Racers must be early to their match. (Unless the previous match has run over time).
    • The admin present on each server will start the first match at 18:30 CET. (Second matches will start at 21:30 CET)
    • The map pack will be hosted on 2 official training servers (1 Rounds, 1 TA). Maps will not be available for download.

--- Match Rules ---

    • Match servers will be run in Cup Mode, with a points limit of 150 points.
    • Points method is: 13, 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1.
    • The server will run 1 warm-up rounds and then 4 racing rounds on each map before changing.
    • This means maps may/will be repeated during the one match.
    • All official servers will have opponents forced on. (You can still ghost cars)
    • If a racer is found shortcutting a map during the match, they will be immediately disqualified, and not allowed to take any further part in the competition.
    • If you arrive late you can start racing, it just means you won't be able to score the maximum points.
    • If you have to leave mid-match for whatever reason, the match will continue without you.

If a racer breaches the rules they will be given 1 warning (excluding shortcutting). The next time after that they will be removed from the competition. If this occurs and leaves a spare spot, it will not be filled by previously eliminated racers.

--- After Match Rules ---

    • The 4 lowest scoring drivers from each group will be eliminated from the competition.
    • Results will be put on the CRC website, along with any pictures/video that have been taken.
    • All drivers remaining in the competition will be shuffled into new groups for the next round. These groups will be announced on the Tuesday of each week.

--- Grand Final Rules ---

    • When the competition comes down to only 4 racers, the Grand Final Rules will come into effect.
    • Cup points limit changes to 250 points.

--- Prizes ---

    • 1st place will receive $60 usd cash.
    • 2nd place will receive $25 usd cash.
    • 3rd place will receive $15 usd cash.
    • The highest voted map author, will also receive a prize! $10 usd cash. The voting will be counted from all official server tm-karma databases.
    • All prizes are given out using PayPal. Please triple check you have a working PayPal account.